Three-month LinkedIn mentoring program

This program is for people who know little about LinkedIn but want to use it to their advantage. 
The videos last up to 20 minutes, and after watching each one, we encourage you
 to practice what you learn every day. 

Three-month LinkedIn mentoring program:

This program is for people who know little about LinkedIn but want to use it to their advantage. You should cover the course step-by-step. The videos last up to 20 minutes, and after watching each one, we encourage you to practice what you learn every day. 

Consistency is key. 

Since completing your profile is one of the hardest parts, the beginning might be challenging. As of autumn 2021, B2B Growth has done over 150 personal and company profile makeovers.
On the course, you will learn: 
  • how to fix your profile
  • which steps you need to take to grow your network
  • ​how to use the paid versions of LinkedIn
  • ​how to post correctly on LinkedIn
  • ​how to stand out on an international arena
  • ​and how to look for a job on LinkedIn.



Introduction to Indrek and B2B Growth. Who are the mentoring videos for, and how does the program work? What should you consider before starting the program? 

What is LinkedIn?

A general introduction to LinkedIn. Where is LinkedIn used, and who can you find on the platform? The importance of a personal profile and what it can do for you. On LinkedIn, most communication happens between personal accounts. Although a company profile is essential for brand building, cooperation partners are still found through the personal profiles of the company’s representatives.

Profile makeover

Your personal profile makeover is the most challenging and vital task. Learn how to tell a good story and make an excellent first impression.

Homework: do your personal profile makeover


What is SSI? Why is SSI important, and how can it be improved? Creating an ideal customer profile. Knowing your SSI, you can estimate how many people you can connect with on LinkedIn in a day. In addition, Indrek introduces the ideal customer profile table or ICP. The ICP is necessary because it helps you define the people you are looking for on LinkedIn. Homework: filling in your ICP.


An overview of LinkedIn's free search system. How it works, and how to make the most of it. What can you do to get people to accept your connection requests? Indrek shows how to conduct detailed searches and how to connect with people. Homework: use the LinkedIn search engine.

Messaging and networking

What affects the acceptance of connection requests? How do you compose the first messages so that your connection requests are accepted? In the video, you'll see connection messages that have worked for our customers, and you’ll learn how to tailor them to fit your needs.

Sales funnel and the 
second message

As you start to get more and more new conversations on LinkedIn, managing them can get tricky. In order to not forget any conversations, it's crucial to build a sales funnel. In the video, Indrek shows our sales funnel and how to fill it. In addition, Indrek talks about the importance of the second connection message and how to structure it.

Premium and Sales Navigator

 Introduction to the different paid versions of LinkedIn. A more detailed introduction to Sales Navigator. Indrek talks about which paid versions of LinkedIn might be best for you. Additionally, you will learn how to use Sales Navigator to get noticed by your target audience.

Content creation

An introduction to the most important principles of LinkedIn’s algorithm. What does the algorithm encourage and dislike? How does regularly engaging on the platform help grow your personal brand? What should you post about, and which posts perform well on LinkedIn?

Company account

What can you do to make your company's posts reach more people? How to get your colleagues involved in content creation? Which posts should you publish from the company page? Indrek will show the results our clients have achieved by posting regularly. You'll find out which posts work well and how to tell whether your content is doing great or not. In addition, Indrek briefly talks about advertising on LinkedIn.


ndrek introduces programs that can help you be more efficient on LinkedIn and improve your sales. In detail, he talks about Crystalknows, Photofeeler, Resume Worded, and Shield.

LinkedIn’s app

What's the difference between the desktop and phone versions of LinkedIn? Indrek talks about the features of LinkedIn’s app and gives a few tips. 

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